Transportable Logistics is based in North Buckinghamshire and are fully insured and licensed to transport vehicles and goods all over the UK and throughout Europe.

Transportable Logistics specialize in end to end enclosed vehicle transport throughout the UK and Europe, taking special care of vehicles and ensuring your pride and joy reaches it’s destination on time, unharmed and with a smile.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

The flag ship of the Transportable fleet is our Brian James Race Sport Trailer, capable of transporting vehicles weighing up to 1,900kg and measuring 5.5m long, 2.1m wide and 1.75m tall, there is ample enough room to accommodate most vehicles. Vehicles do not have to run or drive to be loaded into the trailer, the trailers heavy duty electric winch and soft shackle makes easy work of pulling even fragile vehicles into the trailer.

Vehicle Transport Preparation

If the vehicle needs more than a winch to load it into the trailer, Transportable Logistics can provide vehicle transport preparation on-site, ensuring safe transportation of any vehicle that maybe hasn’t moved for a long while.

Body Shell Transport

If your restoring a vehicle, you will need the body shell transporting to a paint shop and/or sand blasting shop, we can provide a transport solution using our in-house manufactured body shell dolly.

Fly & Drive

Bothered by price more than road miles on your vehicle? Transportable Logistics can drive your vehicle to or from it’s required destination. We are fully insured to drive your vehicle in the UK and throughout Europe. When larger distances are involved the fly and drive service can be a quicker and more economical way of moving a vehicle when you do not have the time to.

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