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What is the maximum weight your trailer can transport?

Our trailer capacity is 1900kg, however we have access to larger trailers on demand if required, contact us if in doubt.

What is the maximum dimensions of your trailer?

Our trailer is 5.5m long x 2.1m wide x 1.75m tall, however we have access to larger trailers on demand if required, contact us if your in doubt.

What is the benefit of an enclosed trailer?

An enclosed trailer provides many benefits, the obvious being privacy from unwanted prying eyes. Shelter from the elements is also essential for precious vehicles that need not get wet, dirty or stone chipped. Lastly the security it provides means our clients have the peace of mind their pride and joy is locked up safely from the moment it leaves their premises to the moment it is delivered.

Can you load very low cars?

Yes, our trailer has extremely long ramps that provide a very low break-over angle specifically to load motorsport and high-end vehicles safely.

Where can you pick up from?

We can collect and deliver vehicles wherever you can get to by road, however some residencies and commercial premises may be more difficult than others to access and turn the trailer around to collect vehicles from. If you are in any doubt as to if we can access your vehicle please contact us to find out.

Where can you travel to?

We are insured and licenced to transport and drive vehicles throughout the EU and UK. We can also provide assistance with exporting, importing and temporary movement throughout Europe where required.

When can I have my vehicle transported?

We do not have strict operating hours, however we are bound by driver hours regulations whilst on the road so sometimes on a busy week this can mean we have to turn work down on safety grounds.

Can you move goods other than vehicles?

Not currently, but we are working on an insurance policy that will enable us to transport vehicle parts and sub-assemblies fully insured. Please contact us to find out more.

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